We are a brand that is driven to educate and impact the public on how to safely operate firearms.  Our mission is to add value by increasing the knowledge of firearm handling amongst firearm enthusiasts and beginners. 


Communication with YOU

At BrassDroppers™️, we specialize in promoting firearm safety and responsibility through an apparel line and educational events. We use our clothing to signal to others what a responsible gun owner looks likes and how they carry themselves. When people see our clothing we want them to feel safe; we want our BrassDroppers™️ logo to inspire people to enact on the responsible behaviors of firearm owners.

These two modes of communication work together to remind firearm owners that they have a duty to employ them in the safest manner possible.

By supporting our mission you become apart of the movement to de-stigmatize gun ownership while simultaneously emphasizing these values.



With proper firearm training and love in our hearts there would be less firearm incidents in the world.

It is our responsibility as good collective, as someone who cares about the safety of others and as a Brassdropper™️, WE must take the initiative to learn and to educate ourselves and others about firearm safety. 

BrassDroppers™️ believe that in order to decrease gun violence in our world, we need to show younger generations what a responsible gun owner looks like. By demonstrating maturity and responsibility, we can create a conscious community that believes in protection and safety for all.


The BrassDroppers™ Bond

We decided to start B|D™ to combine fashion and firearm safety edutainment together to promote that everyone that owns a firearm has a responsibility to use and operate firearms in the safest manner possible. 



Inequality is everywhere, whether it’s obvious to everyone or not. Though some have the privilege of ignoring inequality because it does not touch them personally, we must acknowledge that it exists in our workplaces, schools, entertainment events, places of relaxation, and many other environments.

At BrassDroppers™️, we hope that people of all races, ages, genders, and economic classes will work together to support community initiatives promoting firearm safety through education, fashion, and art. This is SAFE-EQUALITY.


A B|D™ is any individual who believes in safely and responsively using a firearm for competitive shooting, hunting, protection of family and self-defense. 

The Culture

At BrassDroppers™️ we are passionate about changing the culture around firearms and bringing people together instead of dividing them. Society wants to place people in separate groups and figure out where they stand. At BrassDroppers™️ we stand together. No matter what race, gender, or background you come from.

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