BrassDroppers Safe and Secure Seminars

The BrassDroppers™️ Safe and Secure Seminar was put together to educate the public on the importance of safe firearms ownership and how to responsibly and safely use a firearm.

We go over and explain firearm safety rules as well as cover how to properly use a firearm. Then we explain how to properly load and unload a firearm. We will cover how a firearm actually works from the moment it’s loaded up until it is fired.

We have multiple stations set up where attendees can actually load/unload training pistols and apply the safety rules learned in the previous session. Training pistols will be used, and they have no live fire capabilities so this eliminates any possibility of having a training accident.

There will also be dummy rounds provided so that attendees get the real idea of what happens when a firearm is loaded. The dummy rounds are also training aids that resemble a live round but they absolutely have no live fire capability.

The way the seminar is set up is ideal for embedding these training tactics into your mind. You are able to listen ask questions and engage with the trainers. Then be able to get your hands on a training pistol and put what you just learned to the test.

You will be able to remember what you learn for a long time.

At BrassDroppers we do everything we can educate and train the public so they understand the importance of firearm safety.

- B|D™