Does your Trigger Pull follow through?

I often ask this question to my audience. How's your Trigger pull? 

Do you know what I mean when I say trigger pull?

The “ trigger pull ” is normally the part of shooting that gets violated the most and as a shooter you can do everything right but if you CAN’T press the trigger CORRECTLY the shot wont go where you want it to. 

So, the goal when you press the trigger is to press the trigger straight back without snatching or jerking the firearm.

So the first thing we want to do, after the sights are aligned. 

Is to press the trigger in an uninterrupted motion to the rear. It truthfully doesn’t matter how fast or slow you press the trigger. 

What majorly matters is that you don't anticipate when shooting! 

So the correct way to press the trigger is..

Straight Back, and the firearm will cycle and then you want to ease off the trigger until you hear it reset. Quick Note: “Most semi-automatics have a reset” which basically means it allows the trigger to travel a limited distance forward and then if you listen to your firearm it will speak to you by making a click sound which means the firearm is ready to fire againIt's just not necessary to release the trigger all the way back out.

Now when it comes to trigger finger placement..

Everyone has their own style of teaching trigger placement,  It’s all about what feels best to YOU. 

Some instructors teach only to put the tip of your finger in when you're getting ready to shoot, However, the BrassDropper™ way is that the more of your finger you can get in there, the more you're able to pull the trigger to the rear without pulling the firearm to one side or the other. 

Truthfully if you're up close and personal say 10 yards or so it really doesn't matter but the further you get back if you're trying to shoot for precision that's when it matters more.  

So Quick Recap. 

  1. Nice Tight Grip
  2. Align the sights
  3. Go a little further inside the trigger with your finger or figure out which style is most comfortable for you.
  4. Pull the trigger straight back to the rear allowing the firearm to go bang without snatching or jerking. 

  • BD™