The 5 Action Steps to Purchasing a Firearm?

Each step is essential to the process and they are written in chronological order. I am going to go over each step in more detail so you understand exactly what needs to be done and so you can take action.

  1. Getting your permit & understanding firearm laws. Go to the courthouse in your county that you live in and go to the probate court. You have to get fingerprinted, and a background check while the price varies from state to state. But you can always call down to the probate court in the county that you live in and get the fee. So you know how much money to bring.
  2. Decide which firearm you want- When deciding which firearm you want. You really want to focus more on which application. So, what's the application of the firearm you plan on using it for concealed carry or home defense? Then based on that we can choose the make and model. Do you want a full size firearm or are you looking for something more compact, sub compact or micro compact and once you decide on that you can go to the  gun store and feel the different models in YOUR hand as well. 
  3. Take a legit firearm safety course. When you're taking the course, get familiar with how to actually apply the safety rules, so that you're clear and you understand how to make that firearm safe, Whether its a webinar, presentation or demonstration. It doesn’t matter just choose what learning style fits you best & remember this safety course is going to educate you on how to safely apply the universal safety rules and how to safely conduct a safety check of the weapon. 
  4.  Visit a range with someone a competent instructor.  The instructor will go over the safety rules but for the most part they will teach you how to operate the firearm and apply the fundamentals. Fundamentals meaning how to properly grip the pistol, how to line the sights up, how to press the trigger and etc. He will show you how to apply the fundamentals of marksmanship. See if I can shoot all the different models, see how you feel and what you like, love and don't like. Also, keep in mind the reasoning for wanting a firearm. 
  5. Make your purchase & Welcome to the B|D family.  Oftentimes when people go to purchase a firearm they have the tendency to listen to the person behind the counter and for the most part that person might not be as knowledgeable as we may think. This may lead to someone pressing on you what THEY may like. So get the gun that feels best in your hand and for you and what you like don't be led astray rather by the coolest, or fanciest firearm because someone may like it or you seen it in john wicks movie!