Wanna learn how to properly load and unload?

This article is all about how to properly load and unload your weapon. 

The first step to load the weapon system up, you have to insert rounds into the magazine follower. The follower is the part in the magazine that pushes rounds along and follows the bullets while doing so. 

Now the ammunition has a projectile and a case, projectile being the pointed end of the round and the case being the flat circular edge. To properly insert your rounds into the magazine, you want the case to go in first and as you apply pressure the magazine is spring loading. 

Depending on the firearm you have, will determine how many rounds you can load into the magazine. Keep in mind that every time you put a round in, the magazine spring is being pressed, making it more difficult to load as you're adding rounds. Once you have all your rounds in, you can load your firearm. 

Remember your safety rules, and make sure your trigger finger is always straight, out of the trigger guard and off the trigger.  

Quick recap: loading..

  1. Index the magazine 
  2. Insert the magazine “push up” 
  3. Make sure it’s properly seated. 
  4. Finger of the trigger “slingshot method”.

Now to when Unloading here are the steps. ( These steps are sequence critical) when you get out of sequence bad things start to happen. 

When unloading the first thing is to do is remove the magazine. 

Simply press the magazine catch button. (Different for all firearms) and magazine comes out. 

Next, let's clear the chamber “work the slide" several times. 

Lastly, Push the slide stock lever. Lock the slide to the rear. "It’s all finesse, no muscle" ( take a look down your chamber). 

      Now I’m satisfied I have a safe and empty weapon! 

- B|D™