You a Mark if you dont know Marksmanship!

Hey what's up Everyone,  

So today we are going to talk about one of the fundamentals of marksmanship. When it comes to the fundamentals it's a couple of things we ALL need to know how to do to be proficient. 

It's urgent that you understand these fundamentals are simply building blocks and each one of those blocks have value. This particular blog is all about stance.  

The first thing is our stance. For your deal stance you want a natural athletic position that allows you to move in any direction (right, left, forwards, backwards). Now i totally understand that everybody has their own different stance but, What we want to teach is that you get into a “natural aggressive” stance meaning whatever you body allows you to get into. 

This stance is simply no more than a defensive position as if you were getting into a street fight. If you're a tad bit confused, that's fine. Act as if you’re about to block or throw a punch that's exactly what your shooting stance looks like. 

 Next thing I want you to do is slightly bend your knees “knee over toe to be exact” so you can lean into it and when you get behind the firearm you can manage it better with the proper grip. 

Feel me?  

So to summarize and keep it short. It's 3 simple things you should take away when it comes to your stance. 

  1. Natural aggressive stance. 
  2. Knee over toe.
  3. Lean into it. 

Have any Tips on your own SHARE them with us in the comments below..

- B|D™