Tarris Batiste
Founder of BrassDroppers

What Our BrassDroppers™️ Team Does
At BrassDroppers™️, we specialize in promoting firearm safety and responsibility through an apparel line and educational events. These two modes of communicating our values work together to remind firearm owners that they have a duty to employ them in the safest manner possible. By supporting our mission you become apart of the movement to de-stigmatize gun ownership while simultaneously emphasizing the responsibilities that come with owning a firearm. We use our clothing to signal to others what a responsible gun owner looks likes and how they carry themselves. When people see our clothing we want them to feel safe; we want our BrassDroppers™️ logo to inspire people to imitate the responsible behaviors and attitudes of the firearm owners seen wearing it. 
In addition to creating and marketing BrassDroppers™️ apparel, we regularly conduct seminars which combine lecture and demonstration to show people how to safely and responsibly operate their firearms. We believe to improve safety in our communities, we must build relationships with those around us, so direct engagement with firearm owners is crucial to our mission.