Tarris Batiste
Founder of BrassDroppers

Growing up, I was exposed to a significant number of firearm tragedies. As a young kid I witnessed my first drive-by shooting and later in high school I lost more loved ones to gun violence. Then in college I was on the football team and one of our close fans shot and killed himself. These deeply impactful experiences shaped my personal dedication to and pursuit of promoting firearm safety.

Being a BrassDropper™️

A BrassDropper™️ is any individual who safely and responsibly uses a firearm to protect themselves or their loved ones and/or is involved in competitive shooting or hunting. BrassDroppers™️ believe that in order to change gun violence in our world, we need to show younger generations what a responsible gun owner looks like. By demonstrating maturity and responsibility with respect to firearm ownership and usage, we can create a conscious community that believes in protection and safety for all.
The BrassDroppers™️ team is a group of men and women who are speaking up and taking action in response to the United States’ gun violence epidemic. As we all know from national media coverage and often also from our own personal encounters with violence, gun violence is an issue that has affected everyone in this country. As primarily youth activists, we are showing our country that we won’t stay silent when it comes to this epidemic that has so deeply hurt the communities where we live, work, grow, and hope to thrive. 

What Our BrassDroppers™️ Team Does

At BrassDroppers™️, we specialize in promoting firearm safety and responsibility through an apparel line and educational events. These two modes of communicating our values work together to remind firearm owners that they have a duty to employ them in the safest manner possible. By supporting our mission you become apart of the movement to de-stigmatize gun ownership while simultaneously emphasizing the responsibilities that come with owning a firearm. We use our clothing to signal to others what a responsible gun owner looks likes and how they carry themselves. When people see our clothing we want them to feel safe; we want our BrassDroppers™️ logo to inspire people to imitate the responsible behaviors and attitudes of the firearm owners seen wearing it. 
In addition to creating and marketing BrassDroppers™️ apparel, we regularly conduct seminars which combine lecture and demonstration to show people how to safely and responsibly operate their firearms. We believe to improve safety in our communities, we must build relationships with those around us, so direct engagement with firearm owners is crucial to our mission. We hope our seminars will give local residents a chance to voice their concerns and to help establish plans for making their neighborhoods safer. 

BrassDroppers™️ Believes in SAFE-EQUALITY: Keeping Everyone Equally Safe 

Inequality is everywhere, whether it’s obvious to everyone or not. Though some have the privilege of ignoring inequality because it does not touch them personally, we must acknowledge that it exists in our workplaces, schools, entertainment events, places of relaxation, and many other locations. As a company we are committed to working to end violence in our country without bias towards any particular groups or individuals. At BrassDroppers™️, we hope that people of all races, ages, genders, and economic classes will work together to support community initiatives promoting firearm safety through education, fashion, and art. In the end, we simply want every individual to feel equally safe and cared for, no matter their circumstances.